Monday, October 20, 2008



Spicytuna said...

He lives!!!

Larísa said...

We don't panic... we wait patiently for the return of this awesome mage blogger.

You're so welcome back on the stage!

Anonymous said...

Get back down in that grave you dirty rotting undead frostie

Mmm it appears a Gnome's stomp doesn't pack the same punch as a Tauren's ;-)


krizzlybear said...


Larísa said...

He's popular our dear Zupa. He only has to write ONE singel word and he gets a bunch of comments immediately.

Cleaver thing, isn't it. Go silent in a month or two until the audience almost has lost its hope. Then a new entrence and POW - recieve the love and cheers!

I wonder what the word of tomorrow will be?

In fact Zupa has established a new minimalistic blogging style!

One word a day. I see an upcoming revolution on the blogs.

krizzlybear said...

Next thing we know, he's respecced Arcane.

What has the world come to?!?

Actually, that would make sense, since there's a void in the Arcane school when it comes to future rounds of Mage battles. And believe me, that IS going to happen.

And what about Frostfire in the new expansion? There's way too many sides to debate! We need to recruit more bloggers into this mage war!

Anonymous said...

Zupa, anything but Frost...? let me assure you he is still trying to pervert my fiery ways... mind you, after a couple of months in India, I will come back sweating fire... but I might be partial to the odd Ice block!

Basil said...



/pass out