Friday, September 5, 2008

Zupa can has wordle?

So here's mine. I kinda like it. I might update it each week and keep it over there >>> on the right :) Click it to get a better looking version of the above.

One thing I like about this particular content cloud, aside from the totally matching colors, is the fact that this is 100% undeniably taken from a frost mage blog. No ifs, No buts.

At least I guess that means I keep it on-topic most of the time!


Typhoonandrew said...

Weekly Wordle - you bugger, thats a great idea! (weekly wordle of warcraft, hehe)

LarĂ­sa said...

Oh, I'm a failure. I got highlighted words like "just", "little". So I'm probably just rambling a lot of rubbish on my blog. But maybe I'll run it again in a few weeks to see if I've been able to improve.

Zupa said...

I got very lucky with my vials.

I was present for one kael kill and one vashj kill. My guild has only had 2 kills of each..

but I got em, and the hand of A'Dal title as well :)

I don't wear it much though, makes me easier to spot when im hiding in the bushes at blacksmith.

Mae said...

The colors are awesome!! I recently did one too after seeing a few on "Too Many Annas." I really love the way they look!!

Naissa said...

Hmm. Neat! I'm going to have to look into this more.