Friday, September 5, 2008

My newest favourite shiney!

Ok so normally I don't provide a running update on which purples I managed to aquire recently.

Some blogs do it but I don't think anything I might come by is special enough to warrant a mention... It's just another set of bracers after all... who cares if its the haste one or the pvp one or the one with a yellow socket, the impact on my gameplay is minimal regardless of which one I wear for any given fight.

But the other day i got THIS. and THIS is really COOL.

This is one of those items that procs ALL THE TIME. like -all- the time. Sure the proc isnt massive, but I might have mentioned earlier, it happens ALL THE TIME!

And, as such, is win!

It is also somewhat hard to obtain, in that you need to get to exalted with Scale of the Sands. That means farming or wiping on Hyjal for a month or two. I use this ring all the time now, and rotate other rings through my other ring slot as the fight dictates. (I have a PvP ring, a crit ring, a spell hit ring and a mp5 ring)

On the subject of cool new shineys, This is my newest soon-to-be favourite shiney.

I think!

This one requires Exalted with the Ashtongue Deathsworn, which I am hopefully going to achieve in the next fortnight or so. Ashtongue Deathsworn rep is gained by killing stuff in Black Temple, and since Vision is focusing on BT, and Zupa is now a core raider, it shouldn't be long at all until this little baby is mine.

I hope it's as good as I'm imagining it to be, although some of my fellow mages are unconvinced. The lack of any +dmg or other stat is a bit of a drawback they say. Well personally I value spell haste quite highly, and it procs of 50% of spell crits! Yay! Combustion + bonus haste = yay!

Does anyone have first hand experience with this trinket? Should I be getting excited about it or will I get over it after a few days and keep it in my bank for all eternity?

While im waiting for someone to burst my bubble, lets do a little bit of theory crafting here, but don't panic, I promise to use an absolute minimum of mathematical symbols in this post.

So it procs of 50% of my crits. Say my crit rate is 30%, then it's going to proc on 15% of spell casts. Say im casting 3 second spells...

OK change of plan. I just did some maths, then researched some more maths, then decided this blog is no place for that kind of maths. Suffice to say this trinket is probably not that great after all, but perhaps for an AM spamming arcane mage it would be the business.



LarĂ­sa said...

Oh grats! I want that ring too! And since I'm going to MH I'm gathering the rep... but I don't have the vials and we dont go to TK and SSC. Crap.

There are some pugs run on our realm for them, but they're difficult to get in to (you're supposed to have killed the guys before sort of... and I haven't, thats why I need them... a bit contradictory). And they're run saturday afternoons = not a popular time to tell the family I'm about to raid once again...

Raynmaker, Alevas (Uther) said...

I'm not sure about the trinket, you'd have to do some research.

Some of those "procs X% on Y" have internal cooldowns built in that you won't see. Like, maybe it only procs once every 30 sec or something. I'm not sure though, do some research :).

Chu said...

Very jealous. I want that crit ring for PvP. Silly PvP rings have no crit.


Cassini said...

The trinket is a bit 'meh' to be fair. When I picked it up I was like "OOooh, my crit's standing around 45% (raid buffed) so that's almost 1 in 2 that will crit, so my proc is going to be active like all the time!!11one!".

Sadly not. I haven't done the maths on this one but it 'feels' like I can crit 3/4/5 times in a row sometimes and still not see this thing proc. I guess thats the RNG for you but overall it's disappointing. I've now ditched it for the Dark Iron Pipe from the Brewfest, which I use alongside the Silver Crescent trinket and this works out quite nicely. For every 120 seconds I'm casting, 40 of them are buffed by one of the trinkets. :)