Friday, September 5, 2008

Server first titles axed.

Thanks Aurdon for bringing this to my attention!

Post #107... Summary: Blue post regarding server first titles. They are being scrapped, so people won't have a reason to grind their way to the new level cap non stop with no sleep.

There are going to be some very very dissapointed people, but I think on the whole most of the WoW community wasn't really in the running for these titles and so their removal shouldn't cause too many cries of anguish.

There are still a truckload of other titles available, just not of the "first to blah blah" variety.

I still want conqueror. Approximately 300 winning games of wsg to go... ah bugger it.

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Muckbeast said...

Smart move. A handful of people per server would have won them all.

Too bad they don't take the same attitude towards content. It would be nice if they stopped developing content for the top 5%.

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