Monday, June 30, 2008

Black Temple

LF 1 more DPS for BT. Must be geared.

umm hello? Hi im Zupa. Lets roll.

And so it began, more firsts for me, this time in the form of 3 new BT bosses. Last night Vision cleared High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus and the Shade of Akama. We had a couple of wipes on Supremus but aside from that there were no real dramas. Took about 3 hours from start to finish.

I'd have to say Supremus was the most fun. It's one of those fights where 25 people have to be on the ball and focused for the duration of the fight for a successful outcome.

However, First things First.

High Warlord Whassisnameagain?

When the guild leaders started explaining the fight for the 3 or so of us who hadn't been before, I heard them talking about spines and bubbles and bubble popping macros. Ah-ha! Tuan over at SpicyTunas did a write up of this fight the other day, so i quickly brought it up on screen to see if there was anything extra I should know as a frost mage. Not rly. Don't screw up the macro.

Ok so how it works is, everyone stands around the boss. Look at who's standing next to you, if you hear that person has a spine in them you know to get it out. Every once in a while the boss throws a spine at someone and they are paralized until someone grabs it out of them. That person is then responsible for bursting the bosses bubble (with said spine)

If you dont bust his bubble with one of these spines then he will heal and not die. We did, he didn't, and he did. Bam moving on to....


What a cool name. He's also massive, and you have plenty of time to contemplate his massiveness while clearing trash around his feet. For this fight you will be requiring - your brain, your strafe key. Other gear optional.

So there are two phases in the fight. Each lasts for a minute and when one finishes the other starts. There is the kite phase and the tank and spank phase.

That pretty much explains the fight. The thing is anybody might have to kite him for any length of time, he randomly switches targets and chases you during this phase.

He also randomly creates volcanoes. They kill you, and require you to avoid their AoE which is rather easy as its blue and on fire and the volcano is erupting etc. He also has some blue flame earth split thing as well. Once again don't stand in the way or you die, otherwise just run around it and no problems. If you have managed to land yourself a spot in a BT raid but don't understand instinctively that standing in any kind of fire is a bad idea... well I suspect that wouldn't happen...

So what could possibly go wrong? Well in our case people kept dying during the kite phase. You will die if you fail at kiting him. Unfortunately there are a few different ways to fail when kiting and newbies and old school raiders alike demonstrated all of them last night.

mistake 1: you are too close to Supremus during kite phase when he switches aggro to you.
result 1: You go splat

mistake 2: you are too far away from supremus during kite phase when he switches aggro to you. he charges you.
Result 2: You probably go splat.

mistake 3: He was chasing you, distance was good, you ran into a wall.
result 3: He catches you. You go splat.

misake 4: He was chasing you, distance was good, you ran into a corner and suddenly no where to run
result 4: .... you go splat.

mistake 5: He was chasing you, and you ran way too far away from the raid. he charged you and you went splat... OR you ran him so far from the rest of the raid that when he swiches aggro... he charged someone else and they go splat. Of course they should have been keeping up to prevent this from happening but you made that difficult by blinking down the other side of the map, and there were about 4 volcanoes in the way that the raid had to avoid.
result 5: ... someone gets splatted... maybe 2 people.

See whats happening here? We were losing 2 - 5 people every kite phase. I think the most common mistake was being too far away and getting charged. This is understandable I guess. He's a big bastard. He's all intimidating and scary and casters dont like getting too close to him.

Eventually we got him down, I managed to stay up for all of the first two fights until the RL called wipe it, then on the third and successful attempt I was too close to him when he got down to about 20% and see mistake number 1.... I went splatz! I was absolutely spanking him too (fire mages are a bit gimped in this fight) I expected to see another wipe but thankfully nobody else went down and it was on to the easiest fight in BT...

Shade of Akama!

This fight was almost a non-event. Adds come out of the sides, have to kill the dudes with the purple beams to release the boss. Then everyone spanks the boss. Some ghost NPC fella helps out.

Thats about the extent of it from my perspective. I was assigned to one of the doors along with another mage, a warlock and a pally tank. We killed the adds. They were soft. I turn around when the time comes to spank the boss, press number 3 a few times. Game over.

And that concludes my first venture in to Black Temple. Hopefully I get to go back tomorrow to have a crack at the next bosses, and if we get one of them down I believe it will be a first for Vision. I might not get a spot coz its progression and I'm not a "core raider" in Vision (yet)... Then again, I helped clear the trash, my gear is up to scratch....

Time will tell....

Undead Flying Mount

Today in my travels at Aurdon's blog I came across this little gem. An undead flying mount. Looks the business, I have no information at all.

But who needs info when I have a video (thx Aurdon)

New Undead Drake Mount from Kenzi on Vimeo.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Al'ar and Void Reaver Vanquished!

Last night saw two more first kills for Zupa of Frostmourne. Both fights were fun, challenging in different ways, and successful with the Vision raid. Not too many core raiders were present, which meant there was plenty of room for new recruits such as myself.

Thanks to the leadership of Camaddar and Mircs, we had few issues with these bosses.

Al'ar is a giant version of my phoenix pet from H MgT. Like totally big. Not gonna put Onyxia to shame or anything, but like its a big bird made of fire. Fun fight, I won't go into details, but we took her down and moved on to....

Void Reaver!


wait... what? oh. So its like playing dodge ball with a boss! Theres a big circle, a big robot fella in the middle, and he throws electric balls of death at random people in the raid every second or two. If you see a ball coming at you, you need to turn around and run the hell backwards. This way the ball of death (BoD for short) will follow you and explode safely and not hurt the raid. Maybe will hurt you, but not others which will be fine.

When it hit me I would just bandage up then get back into the fight. If I was quick enough at moving back I found they wouldnt hurt me at all. All in all quite a long fight, allowing you to focus on pumping out DPS most of the time as long as there isnt a giant scary BoD heading at your face!

So a couple more bosses are now ticked off, TK has been sussed out, and I look forward to finishing it off next time (hopefully)

Ok this time I really am going home!

Brutal Season has landed!

After 30 long weeks of season 3, Arena season 4 finally started on the 24th of this month. Gratz to the winners who got titles and cool mounts, Gratz to the hoarders who bought up a storm with their saved honor and arena points on Wednesday, and thanks to that guy who got over 1000 gold worth of enchants from me.

Nothing like a fresh season to get the enchanting market happening again! Executioner, savagery, +6 stats, +15 res on chest, spell power, healing, strength, attack power... there something for everyone at zupa's enchanting emporium!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any new shineys with saved up honor, but I did cave and spend 60 badges on the +crit cloak. Not the greatest item but it was my last blue, and lets face it I don't have much else I can spend badges on, and its got 35 stam and some resilience, so im almost up to 9k unbuffed.

I will be happy when im 10k unbuffed in my pvp gear. Actually im happy now!

Anyway for a complete rundown of the season 4 gear, including costs and rating requirements, pop over to wow insider!

Well its friday afternoon and im outta here to get my PvP on!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vision for the future

Things have been changing for Zupa lately! It seems as though a lot of hard work is going to pay off for me in this game. And no, I haven't been grinding timbermaw rep, just doing what comes naturally and gearing up as fast as possible! I find myself not rolling on all manner of very nice loots because, well, I have something better. Something I got myself the hard way. No sitting around waiting for a handout here.

So my 100 badge pants, my vindicators cuffs, my heroic magister's terrace robe, my normal magister's terrace gloves, the frozen shadoweave gear, the badge belt.... they all add up to a pretty powerful frost mage with 999 damage unbuffed.

Respectable! Rdy for 25 mans, been there done that in ZA, waiting for SSC tonight which is another first for me! Vision are looking at taking some non-core DPS classes along to their progression raid tonight in SSC, although there are 5 bosses to clear before lady Vash which Vision has yet to kill, so i'll be along for the ride, mebbe get some loots, definitely see some cool new big bad guys as usual, enjoy being a valuable and effective member of a skilled team.

All this fancy gear also means I can hold my own with anyone except the best geared T6 dps classes going around. On a good boss fight my dps is up around 1400. Still a long way to go to reach 2200 say, that Utata of has managed during the Brutalis fight, but i've come a long way since hitting 70 and wow is as fun as ever.

more news after tonight's raid!