Friday, June 27, 2008

Al'ar and Void Reaver Vanquished!

Last night saw two more first kills for Zupa of Frostmourne. Both fights were fun, challenging in different ways, and successful with the Vision raid. Not too many core raiders were present, which meant there was plenty of room for new recruits such as myself.

Thanks to the leadership of Camaddar and Mircs, we had few issues with these bosses.

Al'ar is a giant version of my phoenix pet from H MgT. Like totally big. Not gonna put Onyxia to shame or anything, but like its a big bird made of fire. Fun fight, I won't go into details, but we took her down and moved on to....

Void Reaver!


wait... what? oh. So its like playing dodge ball with a boss! Theres a big circle, a big robot fella in the middle, and he throws electric balls of death at random people in the raid every second or two. If you see a ball coming at you, you need to turn around and run the hell backwards. This way the ball of death (BoD for short) will follow you and explode safely and not hurt the raid. Maybe will hurt you, but not others which will be fine.

When it hit me I would just bandage up then get back into the fight. If I was quick enough at moving back I found they wouldnt hurt me at all. All in all quite a long fight, allowing you to focus on pumping out DPS most of the time as long as there isnt a giant scary BoD heading at your face!

So a couple more bosses are now ticked off, TK has been sussed out, and I look forward to finishing it off next time (hopefully)

Ok this time I really am going home!

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