Monday, June 30, 2008

Undead Flying Mount

Today in my travels at Aurdon's blog I came across this little gem. An undead flying mount. Looks the business, I have no information at all.

But who needs info when I have a video (thx Aurdon)

New Undead Drake Mount from Kenzi on Vimeo.


isheepthings said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. I found the video originally from which is a nice place to get WotLK info leaks/speculation. Still haven't seen any word on if it will truly be a player mount or maybe its just an NPC mount...We all hope it'll be a rare loot mount though :)

Eishen said...

The way it spells fire at the end of the video makes me think in a quest with a "borrowed" mount to burn something (spread terror among farmers?) , Blizz has announce that type of quest.... Anyway as they did with the abisal dragon appearing in a quest doesnt´mean it could not appear later