Friday, June 27, 2008

Brutal Season has landed!

After 30 long weeks of season 3, Arena season 4 finally started on the 24th of this month. Gratz to the winners who got titles and cool mounts, Gratz to the hoarders who bought up a storm with their saved honor and arena points on Wednesday, and thanks to that guy who got over 1000 gold worth of enchants from me.

Nothing like a fresh season to get the enchanting market happening again! Executioner, savagery, +6 stats, +15 res on chest, spell power, healing, strength, attack power... there something for everyone at zupa's enchanting emporium!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any new shineys with saved up honor, but I did cave and spend 60 badges on the +crit cloak. Not the greatest item but it was my last blue, and lets face it I don't have much else I can spend badges on, and its got 35 stam and some resilience, so im almost up to 9k unbuffed.

I will be happy when im 10k unbuffed in my pvp gear. Actually im happy now!

Anyway for a complete rundown of the season 4 gear, including costs and rating requirements, pop over to wow insider!

Well its friday afternoon and im outta here to get my PvP on!

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