Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vision for the future

Things have been changing for Zupa lately! It seems as though a lot of hard work is going to pay off for me in this game. And no, I haven't been grinding timbermaw rep, just doing what comes naturally and gearing up as fast as possible! I find myself not rolling on all manner of very nice loots because, well, I have something better. Something I got myself the hard way. No sitting around waiting for a handout here.

So my 100 badge pants, my vindicators cuffs, my heroic magister's terrace robe, my normal magister's terrace gloves, the frozen shadoweave gear, the badge belt.... they all add up to a pretty powerful frost mage with 999 damage unbuffed.

Respectable! Rdy for 25 mans, been there done that in ZA, waiting for SSC tonight which is another first for me! Vision are looking at taking some non-core DPS classes along to their progression raid tonight in SSC, although there are 5 bosses to clear before lady Vash which Vision has yet to kill, so i'll be along for the ride, mebbe get some loots, definitely see some cool new big bad guys as usual, enjoy being a valuable and effective member of a skilled team.

All this fancy gear also means I can hold my own with anyone except the best geared T6 dps classes going around. On a good boss fight my dps is up around 1400. Still a long way to go to reach 2200 say, that Utata of has managed during the Brutalis fight, but i've come a long way since hitting 70 and wow is as fun as ever.

more news after tonight's raid!

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