Monday, June 1, 2009

Zupa doesn't quest

So there's this thing with me and quests. We aren't friends.

We ceased to be friends when Zupa was in his 50's back in the olden days. The good old days when the only quest helper was a magnifying glass and a copy of the map that showed where the various towns were. The final straw went something like this:

"Alright you sissy skeletal dress wearing pansy, go fetch ol' Stinky Guts a dozen of them thar widgets fings wot them murloc fellas took when I was in a drunken stupor last night... well it was this morning but whatever... It was night time someplace"

... "No, I don't know where they took them, where they live, or how many you are likely to have to slaughter in order to collect a dozen widgets. Your problem lady boy... err.. thing"

..."No, I don't care that my vague directions aren't sufficient, doesn't you fellas in the dresses meant to have all them smarts an that?"

"Look here, you go get widgets, and I give you this fancy green pair o' duds wot makes your spirit get plussed by 5 and your strength by 2! and 35 silver pieces to boot fershizzle!"

"Eh? Whaddya mean thats no good? LOOK at them! They got them fancy brown swirly bits on the bumcheeks and everyfink! "

"No more talk! Zombies don't talk! Didn't your ma teach you nuttin? You fetch Stinky Guts' widgets and don't be coming around here again until you has them!"

Oh yeah? You know what you stupid little green bastard? You can go get your own bloody widgets after you find the retarded murlocs and then you can shove your green pants of OMFG I'M A NOOB right where the sun don't shine!

And that, my dear readers, was that. Me and questing - finished.

Sure, maybe it takes me longer than it should to level, but you can bet your ass if there is an item in an instance that is an upgrade, I'll be havin' that item by hook or by crook, or more frequently by endlessly running the instance in question until such time as I can a) do it in my sleep with one hand and b) have all the gear I could possibly want from it, and c) so does everyone I know and d) umm I'm well sick of it.

So it is understandable then, that I may have run Violet Hold, for example, more times than is strictly speaking healthy. Same goes for Gundrak. And DTK. And old kingdom and and.. yeah. No surprise then to find me in Violet Hold last night with one of my tank buddies...


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Anonymous said...

Them Blizzard dev's got you by the short & curly's then haven't they...

There are quite few "phased" areas on the Northrend map... that you can't get to until you have completed the prereq quests...

Sons of Hodir is another example... want their stuff....3+ hours of questing before you do (Then break out the cash and buy your way to exalted... Ohh you will be happy to grind it out...)