Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leeroy... and what to do about him?

Continued from Zupa doesn't quest

... Now me and this particular tank have known each other for a long time. We know each other well, both on a personal level and in game. We are both quite adequate tanks and both do respectable DPS. We tend to take it in turns or otherwise whoever has had the shittiest day gets to kick back and DPS while the other worries about tanking.

It was my turn to tank. There was a eager beaver pally tank in the group but he was only level 74 so we shut him down. Hush noob - this is man's work style.

Two speed runs of VH later, everyone is over it, I'm done tanking, the pally tank has dinged 75 and we decide to head to Gundrak. (Also giving me an excuse to go flying finally since I dinged 77 in the first VH run. Was fun up until the point where it was slow and tedious, so I got a good 30 seconds of happies out of it. I ended up being summoned by people with epic flying before I even got there... )

Along the way our healer decided to bail and we picked up another from my friends list. Imagine his dismay when we tell him that no, the 77 DK with almost 560 defense isn't going to be tanking. Neither is the 78 prot warrior with all the BC epics.

No, please heal our little pally friend here, as we will be on DPS duty this run.

I can tell he isn't happy but he's at least willing to give it a crack on my say so. (In hindsight this was a mistake. In future I will try to keep my pocket healers happy and not ask them to heal people who are going to take at least double the damage that I would... OOPS!)

So, Gundrak begins, First pull the pally manages to get 2 packs. I'm half afk trying to sneak in a smoke out the window so not overly helpful. Everybody dies. Healer not happy. I tell him I'll take over if there are any more problems...

We try that again, pally successfully pulls the first pack of 3 snakes and nobody dies. I notice the pally's health is bouncing up and down like a yoyo, I guess he is getting critted and stuff, but honestly im far too busy trying to out-dps my warrior buddy.

We tend to end up about neck and neck over all by the end of a run, but while I consistently pump out 1.5k these days, he can only pull about 1 or 1.2 at best until bladestorm is off cooldown, but then he spikes up well past 2k. All of my magerly* cooldown and trinket management skills are serving me well, and I can pretty much ensure I have at least one damage increasing trick up my sleeve for each fight.

I use hysteria, my ghoul and two AP trinkets, one per pull, and it seems to work out fine. I just make sure I dont use any for the pull or two before each boss so I can really drop the hammer when the time comes.

Anyway the poor healer has to drink up after that first pull, and my genius warrior buddy (genius as in "Duh! Me smash now!") gets a bit of a Rambo complex going on, you know coz he's so tough and everything? and decides he can actually solo the two pack in the room. In reality what he -really- wants is to bladestorm the entire room because it's full of little yellow snakes and he knows he is going to have a hard time coming out on top of the meter so essentially is cheating....

So he yells out LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOY charges in, and pops bladestorm, expecting, no doubt, that the mobs would all drop like flies and not leave a scratch on him.

Naturally it doesn't go down like that.

So, now he's making me look bad coz he's acting noob and he's my buddy. My healer is already miffed because the lowest guy in the group is the tank. I fully intend to let him die this time, he can act the fool on his own instance runs if he wants but I'm not here to screw around.

Unfortunately the darn do-gooder healer throws him a heal, then immediately pulls aggro and I have to quickly bust out frost presence and death and decay to save the day.

Except the day isn't exactly saved, in that the warrior dies (well that's ok) the warlock dies (he saw a pack of mobs fighting someone so he aoed them all, fair enough, poor guy) then I die! NOOOOOOOOO! Only the pally and the priest are left.

Somehow, in all the confusion, this wipe is getting pinned on the pally tank. I think I may be the only one who saw what actually happened or something, either way the healer now asks me to please tank from now on, and I figure it's best to do so.

To his credit the pally doesn't complain about being relegated to DPS again, or that the warrior caused the almost wipe, or anything, he just says OK.

NOT to his credit, the warrior sets up a leeroy MACRO and uses it on 3 or 4 more occasions throughout the run. The damn healer keeps saving his life too, while im diligently attempting to let him die, and on skype he's yelling at me


meanwhile I say back to him "oh I don't think these mobs are tauntable or something... here let me hit him. I'm hitting him REALLY hard I dunno what the problem is..."

Suddenly, the mobs go for the healer, and I miraculously figure out how to use taunt again! Letting rambo over here die is one thing, letting my pocket healer die is quite another...

Anyway, it was all in good fun, but I suspect some of the others in that pug might not have seen it that way. In the end we completed 2 relatively hassle free runs of gundrak with me tanking and bid each other farewell... Leaving me with just one question, what to do about Leeroy?

I know he's gonna be back on wednesay night, and I know he now has a Leeroy macro.

Perhaps its about time he did some tanking?

*PS: magerly (c) http://magerlydifferent.blogspot.com I stole your word, <3>

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