Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I WILL let you die!

I will let you die.

You will have deserved it.

The healer will probably be on my side and let you die also.

It will be your own fault.

I think I will have to take a summary of this post & comments and make a start-of-instance macro, including;

1. do not pull. anything. ever. (I -will- let you die)
2. wait 2 seconds to dps (I -will- let you die)
3. kill order (I -will- let you die)
4. stand behind mob (rogues at least tend to get this one)
5. get the hell out of frost presence you twit (watch how many DKs try to argue that they like being in frost... its unbelievable)
6. I only wait for healer mana. Deal with it. Your dps is probably shit anyway, why should i wait for u to mana up? Don't give me that shit, my main is a mage. There should be no reason to wait for dps to regain mana ever. Drink when the healer is drinking or drink on the run.
7. LOS means DONT HIT ANYTHING UNTIL I SAY. That' actually what it stand for ok? shhh.

The difficulty, of course, is maintaining control of a pug, giving instructions, and not having people think you are a complete jerk.

Sometimes a player will see what you are trying to do, understand that it's not all about them, relax, fulfill their role, and invite me back again and again to tank stuff.

Other times, people won't see it that way. Sometimes, I'm too slow (I have a reason, they may not see it, ill be waiting for healer mana, a cooldown, someone who isn't in the room yet...)

Often someone doesn't know what the hold up is and just goes and pulls then runs to me. Mages in particular seem to think its oh-so-pro to pull a pack and frost nova it when its near me then blink away.

So most of the time things go well. Sometimes people get really upset with me.

When this happens it bothers me more than it should. It's a lot easier to be everyone's friend when you are just a ranged DPS doing your job properly.

At least people who know what they are doing don't get upset, quite the opposite. I guess that means something, but I just don't like it people argue, either with me, or around me, or in my pug.

PS: ran gundrak about 4 times last night. Pro group, 15 - 20 minute runs, lots of XP, lots of lootz, lots of fun. Will be doing that instance again :)

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Cathy said...

I have learned on my mage that I don't always have to be at full mana unless its a boss. I just sit for a few seconds when I can between fights.

People do get brave and stupid when DPSing at times. Let your tank do his job and get good aggro...like ya said..only takes a couple of seconds.

Nicely put blog post.