Thursday, May 21, 2009

How many DKs does it take to change a lightbulb?

3 in my case.

One on the same server as my mage...

One on the same server as my buddy from work who is a hardcore raider...

And one on the same server as everyone's favourite Gnomey... just so I can say Hi and stuff.

As you can see this gives rise to some minor issues, as one has to go to work and spend quality time with the Missus and do all those other things that make it impractical to play three separate toons on three separate servers.

A decision had to be made. I hate decisions. I am not a decisive person. This is not going to change anytime soon, I accept this about myself. Sometimes I wish other people would too... but that's another story.

So I tested the waters. I played my female Dranei frost DK for a while on Gnomey's server. Imaginatively named Zupette. In hindsight I think I prefer the name Zupalina, but there is no way im starting again, so Zupette is here to stay.

Now this Gnome(aggeddon), like the truly benevolent statesman that he is, immediately set me up with a bunch of helpful friends, some bags, and a stack of gold. A big stack. He had a hard time convincing me to 'borrow' this much gold, but did in the end...

What a champ! Gnicest-Gnome-Ever!

A few days later I got chatting to my networking geek friend who sits down the hall from me at work. He is a hardcore raider with a bunch of level 80s on a different server. Different to my main and different to Gnomey. Turns out he got benched by his end game raiding guild and wasn't happy about it. Figured he would start playing his alt warlock who was sitting at level 71...

...Convinced me to roll a DK on that server and play with him.

Righto then - so I did. Started again and went unholy, smashed through the DK starting quest line, got this particular DK up to level 71 in record time. This one was a gnome and he enjoyed a successful, if shortlived, PvP career, and was even more imaginatively named this time around... Zupa... I just didn't want there to be any confusion about who was driving... you know?

He is also a member of the totally awesome guild "vertically challenged" Comprised entirely of gnomes and dwarves, and has already has a Kara run under his belt, complete with epic lootz and everything!

So what happened at level 71? Well turns out my raiding friend had only been benched temporarily, and is now raiding ulduar 4 or 5 nights a week. I know nobody else on that server, and if my mate is playing he is either raiding, or farming for raiding, or resting... for raiding.

At some point I found myself asking "why am I here?" This was after I bought my flying skill and discovered that the cool looking ebon flying chicken thing isn't cool looking at all, on account of its BRIGHT RED ASS!

What the hell! (I'm new to alliance ppl)

And THEN... Most recently, another RL friend, who is also my team leader at work, reactivated his account and started playing his original toon, a lv 70 warrior... back on my original server.

At last he convinced me to go back to that server, but I really had developed quite a thing for the DK playstyle, and was honestly sick of wearing a dress. So Zupa, Hand of A'wesome, sits at orgrimmar, keeping the home fires burning, while the newest kid on the block takes up all my wow time.

Introducing Nikitar, dual specced blood dps / unholy tank level 71 death knight of awesomeness.

I bought dual spec instead of flying skill this week as it seemed like I would get more use out of it, and I have to say it's awesome having this much flexibility. Particularly when half the time im tanking instances, and the other half im soloing quests.

I have a lot of fun playing this toon I must admit. Plate-wearing, Self-healing, Giant-Axe-Weilding... How do they fit so much awesome into just one class?

Are my ranged DPS days over?

Are these the first steps on a journey that will eventually lead to me main tanking in 25 mans?

And what of my other DKs? The benchwarmers?

Well Zupette... Zupette is going to have to pay off her debt to Gnomey soon. This shouldn't be too hard on account of her not actually spending any of it, since DKs don't really need any money to start with.

Zupa the gnome may become PvP focused and maybe join some arena team by the time he gets to level 80. I really like him. I enjoy playing a gnome. I like being small. Tiny even.

And Nikitar. Well Nikitar might be a cutesy little blood elf chick, but DAMN she is tough! (and hawt) and so much fun to play! She will definitely become my first lv 80.

Screenshots tonight guys! (no really, i promise)

till then...

4 comments: said...

aha, I was wondering what had happened to you...

Sounds like my DK adventures... roll one, leave it sitting.. roll one... leave it sitting...

With one exception, I went back to the 'geddon!

You know where to find me... no rush on the funds... you never know, you might be back in a week..

But you sure as hell aint raiding with me and pinching my Mage loot!

F'N DK's

Zupa said...


I wouldn't dream of it!

I thought my feed was broken, but maybe not since you saw the new posts?

It's always good to be back :)

LarĂ­sa said...

I was starting to wonder if Zupa had done one of his vanish tricks again... Good to hear that you're still going, although with a rather split personality!

gnomeaggedon said...

Feed may not have been broken... but a little wonky I think.

I came here for a greater purpose, didn't see anything in my feedreader yesterday.

Today there are 3 posts, including the 1st one that says...

"I am not posting... maybe I should just press post"