Friday, May 22, 2009

Somebody say screen shots?

Yah that was me.

Ummm... Might have had some technical alarm clock difficulties this morning.

Possibly needed extended sleep maintenance. This may have interfered with my screen shot delivery forcast.

Fear not! Screenies will be forthcoming, and until then I can share with you all a story from last night.

I will make it brief!

So... a long time ago, in a land, far far away, lived a litool death knight called Nikitar...

oh yeah I said brief. oops my bad.

... So a few days ago I bought a stack of 24 stam gems off someone who was spamming trade. I bought them all and got them for cheep cheep (like a budgie!). We are talking like 17 gems for 14 gold each or thereabouts. (I bargained him down from 15! Zomg leet haggling skillz! I has them... ) He sent them COD. They arrived for correct price.

All was well.

Now I only actually needed a couple. I just figured that over a long enough timeline, I would need them all, and whatever was surplus I could probably sell for a few gold profit. This is where I stopped doing clever things, and started doing silly things.

Everyone knows bag space is a scarce and precious commodity. I wasn't about to go running around with 17 gems in my bag. When i picked them up I was no where near the bank... So in my misguided wisdom how did I solve this dilemma?

I left them in the mailbox! Great thinking 99, you can pick them up from wherever, they dont take any space, and you have 30 days to figure out what you are going to do with them all! Just like when I send items between my alts! Right?

Hang on I thought, what about the seller? He needs his money! So what do I do? I take ONE gem from each mail and pay the COD money and leave the rest sitting there... This is a great idea right?



Once you do that, none of this 30 days timeout. It becomes 5 days... or is it 3? Not bloody enough is what it becomes!

Of course ignorance is bliss, and I was blissfully ignorant of these events happening in my very own mailbox. Far too busy smashing yet another pug group through normal Utgarde Keep...

Until I get this mail out of the blue

"why did you send the gems back?"

errr wot? WOT?

*quickly check inbox searching for gems*


*(I totally didnt say bugger. I said several things none of them quite as nice as the quaint aussie 'bugger')

So I send a nice polite mail back explaining what happened and asking if I could pretty please have my gems back, but expecting the worst. Naturally I got no reply... So I looked him up and sent a tell. No reply. He was fighting some boss somewhere but even when the fight was over, no reply.

I basically gave up on the gems at this point and decided I had learnt an expensive lesson.

The very next day I gave it one last try, this time managed to talk to the guy, explained what had happened, and he sent me my money back!

See people aren't all bad!

Even in WoW!

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Anonymous said...

Somebody point ^^ this guy ^^ to a blog that explains how to play the game...