Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's get trivial

A bit late, but better late than never, these are my answers to Justamom's sunday warcraft trivia

1. Razor Fen Downs (I'm sure I've done this but it was a long long time ago)
2. Ahn' Quiriajilia 40 man. Not the ruins but the other one. (I don't think I've ever attempted to refer to this as anything BUT AQ40 before, so the spelling is beyond me.)
3. rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (really who doesn't know this by now?)
4. Shadow Fang Keep (reminds me of being a little itty bitty zombie back in vanilla)
5. mana per 5 WTF? I got nothing!
6. end user licence agreement (hands up who hasn't read it? me neither)
7. Line of Sight (more people need to understand this concept IMO)
8. Black Rock Spire, home of upper and lower blackrock spire, which was what you did before you managed to get into a MC raiding guild.
9. looking for group. (cmon thats toooo easy!)
10. Black Fathom Deep. First instance I ever ran on my first toon who is a hunter (still level 42) I recall the pally asking me if I had ever done an instance before after I tried to run away from some mobs and pulled half the instance (ran wrong direction)

did I win?

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