Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hardmode VoA - PuG Stylez

You know how sometimes you pull off something amazing, and there is nobody there to say 'well done?' Nobody to at least verify that what you just did was, in fact, awesome? Poor little ego starving for attention, but no dice?

Well last night, I was of the awesome. All by myself. Nobody saw.

What's the bloody point of being awesome when there's nobody around to even notice?! Thanks for coming ego, but you could have stayed home, nothing to see here. Move along.

So... what is this awesomeness of which I speak?

Well, once upon a time, on a server far far away, It had been a dark and stormy night of wipes in 10 man ulduar. We killed Ignis and we killed the Iron Bitches but we just got drilled by Thorim.

Well, we would have got drilled by Thorim - if we managed to kill all his friends fast enough for him to actually bother with us! He just stood on his balcony and watched us die over and over to waves of his little bastard mates.

Raid called early, WG happened, we won and it was VoA time. I managed to score a spot as tank in a one-of-each-class ten man, which soon became one-of-each-class (unless you are a dk or a priest then suck it up and learn to share)... ten man.

Oh well. It was getting late and any VoA is a good VoA the day before reset... so. We gather. We buff up and we readycheck.

I pull the first trash, no problems. DPS looks good. Heals look good. Excellent. Moving on...

As we work our way to Emalon I notice I'm tanking everything. Like all of it. I can handle it sure, but where's the other stupid DK who is meant to be helping? Surely he must be here somewhere, why isn't he taunting the extra mobs off me? Lazy bastid DKs! No matter...

All trash cleared. We are staring down at Emalon, checking buffs, and then the raid leader says

RL: "Ok Nikitar - you can single tank it lol!"
Nikitar: "wtf"

*I notice we only have 9 people in the group*

Nikitar: "OIC is that what happened to the other tank... ?"
RL: "go go single tank it you can do it"
Nikitar: "ur fucken mad, but OK then"

Is he seriously serious? He wants me to tank the whole lot of em? The big ugly boss with his nasty aoe, the 4 adds that get killed and respawn and need to be picked up, not to mention enraging and doing wtfbbq dmg? He wants me to just run in there, aggro the whole room, and stay alive, not to mention hold aggro?


*.... at least I'm the only DK.*

So I ran in, and I threw down my death and decay, and I tossed up my diseases, and I taunted and I death gripped and I summoned my soon-to-be-sacrified ghoul. I blew one cooldown every 30 seconds and somehow, managed to stay alive.

No doubt being the soul beneficiary of 3 healers worth of heals had a lot to do with it, but we one shot that boss, walked down the hall and spanked his buddy Archavon as well.

Throughout the whole ordeal I think we only had 2 deaths, and it was the rogue both times.
Funny thing about rogues, they die a lot. Then again they dodge wipe repair bills all the time with their OP vanishing skills so excuse me if I don't feel sorry for them.

And that, dear readers, is the story... the story of how Nikitar the DK soloed tanked the whole of VoA with an extra serve of awesome, in a group of 9, and only PuGs saw it happen.

Now wheres my goddamn achievement Blizz you buggers!

le sigh.

There wasn't even so much as a guildy online for me to bragg about it to...

Oh well ego, better luck next time....

PS: no lootz >.<


LarĂ­sa said...

I don't know much about tanking, but it sounds like a hell of a job and that you did very well. I'm impressed.


Ydraisa said...

I never saw a single person solo tank Emalon before, but always wondered if it could be possible. Now you answered my question :)

Good job there.

kyrilean said...

LOL! Gratz! At least you have your blog! :)

And be careful about Blizz, they might ban you! Shhh!

Anonymous said...

lol... who says dK's are OP?

Can't wait to get you on board....

Hurry up already!

Nevis said...

Congrats to you!

ByStander said...

it's the nerf that made this possible for 10 men, but 25... I don't think so... nevertheless a job weldone

WoW Accounts said...
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llwynog said...

I still dont know why you didn's just come and tank for us zupa :(

we've been through about 3 DK tanks since you came started playing again >_<

Zupa said...

o hey senior le Nog!

Simple reason for that one, when I decided to bench my mage and make the DK my main I told Cam about it, and he pretty much said sorry there was no room for any more DKs, or any more tanks.

I didn't want to spend weeks or months on the reserve bench, I've done that enough in the past, so I joined a startup guild.

Lucky for me things went pretty well, I think the only current boss still standing is yogg 25 man, not too bad for a guild that is about 8 weeks old.

And of course I'm MT, which has been fun too...

Next time I'm on I'll look you up, maybe run the daily heroic or something, would be fun to catch up


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