Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From Blue to Bad to Red...

This is a mage blog, with a side of DK to be sure, but that was just a passing fad, and so I never blogged that much about it.

In fact, playing the DK is one of the major reasons this blog has been so... stagnant lately. It's a mage blog and if I'm not playing a mage, I don't have a hell of a lot of mage stuff to blog about!

However, some interesting shit has gone down recently, and I guess there's a story in it so here it comes.

So I had a mini-holiday over the weekend, actually spent the time on a boat

...which was awesome and a first time for me. Came home and decided to get my nerd on for a bit, and logged in to my banker. Business was ok, but lots and lots of unsold gems. I bought a bunch of uncuts and sent them over to my DK for processing, as I tend to do. It's my no-brainer money maker, which is about all I can be bothered with these days, and which is also beside the point.

I then logged onto Nikitar, and noticed I was no longer guilded.

edit: My old guild was called Blue Spark. This is relevant!

What the hell! As chance would have it the old guild leader, Anaujiram (yes i'm naming and shaming you bastard) chose that moment to log in. I sent him a tell saying "what the hell happened?" and I get back "ROFLMAO I AM SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW!!!! LOL" (I am making his speech pink for a reason here)

I see. So perhaps now isn't the greatest time to ask for an explanation, but I would kinda like to know. I was an officer and stuff. We had a guild bank full of lootz, a guild full of hard-mode-capable raiders (well this isn't entirely accurate but we did ok) and a well respected name and rank on the server in terms of progression. We were on the map. We had finally got there. We were wiping on 25 man heroic TOTC with the big boys. Now, suddenly, out of nowhere, we were nothing.

Next thing I get the following:
"Anaujiram has invited you to join the guild "faeries" "

What. The. Fuck. ? How about no?

How about I had enough trouble dealing with the fact that the old guild tabard was a poofy blue colour with a heart symbol, now you want me to run around with "faeries" over my head? Bite me you stupid bastard, and while ur at it what the fuck happened to the guild bank?

"oh it got pwned. I lost it when I gdisbanded and the GMs won't give it back"

"you fucken retard"

(I don't feel the need to ensure I don't offend my GL, after all I'm his main tank and longest serving officer. Someone has to be honest around here innit? Anyways...)

I wasn't especially impressed at this point. Now I have been getting towards the end of my tanking rope for some time already, and it looked to me like this was the end of the road. Yet somehow, against my better judgement, the GL convinced me to join his ill-conceived new guild and a-raiding we went.

What a circus! We went to ten man ulduar. There were about 4 of the orginal hard-mode players and 6 randoms. Aspiring raider randoms. Randoms who convinced the GL they had what it takes without having any experience having said 'it'. Randoms who don't use DBM. Randoms who stand in the fire. In short, randoms who are not ready for hard modes.

So after a handful of wipes on hardmode iron council, we go into the officer channel in vent to discuss the future, both of that night's raid and the guild as a whole. After coming to the consensus that we are both over it and would rather PvP than try to organise shit and educate nubs, we go back to tell the raid the bad news.

Somehow they convince us to give it another shot on normal mode. Someone speaks eloquently on the behalf of the randoms about how they aren't old school raiders like some of us and need a chance to learn fights etc. Ok fine. We zone back in and line up IC again, this time taking down steelbreaker first. Once again I'm not 100% sure what I'm meant to be tanking but it's not a huge problem as between me and the other tank we have it covered. Thing start off OK. Steelbreaker goes down and we still have an entire raid up.

Next thing I know, the little guy does his aoe thing and 3 people die. Right. Fine. See, this is why I don't want to do this anymore. I can play perfectly all night and still have nothing to show for it except a repair bill. As the wipe is in progress I notice someone hearthing down the back of the room... Hmm who could that be I wonder? And what could he possibly be doing?

"dont forget to clean out the gbank this time you noob"

"already doing it, relax"

I keep my mouth shut and watch the drama unfold. Vent erupts as people start clamoring for another chance, saying how it wasn't their fault, that someone dc, that someone else lagged, and someone else set their cat on fire. Meanwhile, silence from the guild leader, and silence from me. (I do an excellent impression of the strong and silent type in raids... )

More silence, panic starts happening. The randoms are sending me tells left and right wanting to know what's happening. Then this.

"Ok everyone, thanks for your time, all the best in the future"

"your guild has been disbanded"


I never should have accepted an invite to a guild called "faeries" in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with rampant homosexuality, but I don't want to be directly involved. Call me old fashioned if you want.

Finally. It's over and I can PvP on my mage in peace. So I hop on my mage and I'm wandering around orgrimmar waiting for either AV or an instance group to pop. Disenchanting some random greens and generally minding my own business, when a guild charter pops up. Sure enough our illustrious leader managed to last all of 20 minutes before deciding that he wants to be an illustrious leader once again. At least this time he listened to me when it came to the guild name.

Now we are called "Red Spark"

But I only joined on my mage... ;)

Look out DPS meters, coz Zupa's back baby, Zupa's back!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh my little red sparky...

that's much better than my little pink faerie...

mmm Maybe not...

Still, when Squidly heals the hell out of the 3 players taking you down... there will be a little red spark in my eye ;-)

Anonymous said...

PS: Is that one of your personal shots from the marde gra?

Zupa said...


And no, that is Anaujiram on the left and his ex 2ic Eventhium on the right. I hope they read this one day

Anonymous said...

I would be pissed if I were you....

Consider such silly move (first time disband). I wonder if joining is an good idea...

Red Spark is a nice guild name.... For a mage :)

Hope your guild get back its glory soon

LarĂ­sa said...

Wow, you're back!
Every time you fall off my blogroll due to my strict 2-month-no-hear-you're-out-limit, you give a life sign again a few weeks later. Is this for real this time?
Will you keep posting? And above all - will you be back playing and writing about your mage?
Please, say yes!