Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zupa still doesn't quest...

It's been a long time since I played my mage with any kind of conviction. However, in the past week or so that has changed, and I am definitely back in mage town!

It had been a while, it's true.... and there was some housekeeping to do. So I dusted off my gear, fixed my specs, and got stuck into some serious battle ground farming. After all, since 3.2 had saved me from the quest monster, I was free to PvP my way through those last 8 levels to 80... right? After all I still can't bring myself to quest.

At first it was a little bit annoying, seeing my frostbolts sail past my target, heading over yonder, where perhaps they go to to the great big frostbolt place in the sky, I dunno, but one way or another don't do as they're told...

A little frustrating, to begin with, helplessly watching the seething masses of confusion that your average BG turns into after a few minutes...

At times infuriating, steam rolling an entire AV only to find that we can't actually kill the boss... (What the hell is going on there by the way? A PvE boss ruining a PvP battleground by being too tank, making it so the only way to win is by way of a drawn out and boring war of attrition... )


But despite all this, it has been awesome, and it just keeps getting better as I level!

I hit level 79 just now, and there's no more spells missing all the time... none of this not being able to do anything useful... In fact, this frost mage in PvP business is different to how I remember.

Back in the day I was always able to stay up under fire for a little while in the right conditions, but now I just seem to live forever. I'm never short of a shield or a snare or a nuke or a poly, not to mention the pet and the double iceblock (lol) if things turn sketchy... and did I mention I love brain freeze?

So, I've started to notice something about living forever in a battleground.... You get heals!

Big fat juicy heals. Life saving heals.

It's nuts! It's like the healers actually have the time to see my frozen bony ass running into the alliance, causing some good natured havoc of the mage variety, typically getting in too deep and having to high tail it outta there, frost novas and ice barriers akimbo... and this invokes some sense of, I dunno, healeriness? that then causes them to... heal me!?!

Even though as a mage I occupy a space on the healing table somewhere below anyone -not- wearing a dress, but (hopefully) above a hunter's pet, they heal me.

Astonishing. I know.

Heals in battlegrounds. Lots of them. On my mage. I swear to you this has been happening, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Anyway I guess the moral of the story is... errrm... perhaps there isn't one, but I'm level 79, I'm frost and... Oh yeah. The moral of the story is that frost PvP is awesome, the survivability makes it super fun, being able to dominate everybody (cept druids of course) is wicked and I honestly have no idea what the hell all these arcane mages running around think they're doing. I mean really.

They see me rollin' They know I'm frost, I have a great big ice barrier happening over here. They see me stayin' alive don't they? What the hell are you lot doing with your arcane missles and such malarky in PvP? It's crazy! I know, because I got stuck in my arcane spec for one BG tonight and it was gruesome. Really nasty stuff. You need ice barrier kidlets!

So I guess one thing I do know, is that the arcane mages are dying a lot out there, because by the time a healer notices that they exist, a hunter's pet is eating their face while a rogue stunlocks them into submission, only to have a keyboard turning death knight clicker lolgrip them for the kill steal, typically a swift process from start to finish.

Oh and another thing, this idea Blizzard have finally got around to stealing from Warhammer? The bit where you get XP for PvP?

I like it!


Anonymous said...

I think there are too many Mages - come healers these days... you get top billing on the healing mod!

I have been surprised at how long mages have been living too... I know I am healing them and that has to help...

But I am always a little surprised when I see the blue name... AGAIN... mm still alive... nice!

Only notched up 1/3 of a level last night... Bloody Horde steamrollers...

Spicytuna said...

Ice Barrier, Water Elemental, and Deep Freeze. I CANNOT PvP without them. Don't know what to do without them.

Zupa said...

I know what I do without them! Every time I get stuck in my pve arcane spec it goes like this.

Cry about wearing a dress to a fight.

Cry about not being able to change spec in a bg

Try to avoid any actual confrontation, particularly with ret pallies and DKs

Attempt to hide in bushes and get lucky with an arcane powered nuke.

Run like a girl (wearing a dress)

Die lots!