Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone Fishing!

So, that's me and a bonefish I caught on holidays recently. See how happy I am?

WoW doesn't make me happy like that!

There is nothing quite like 2 weeks on a tropical island with no tv, computers, phones or even a microwave to give you another perspective on life.

From now on... there will be no more raiding.

No more scheduling game time.
No more rushing home to get back in time for the first pull.
No more staying up late and skipping dinner for the sake of a raid.
No more lusting after purple pixels.
No more pushing as much DPS as possible out of my gear.
No more theorycrafting.
No more auction housing.

In short, I won't be chasing the carrot any more.

(... At least not for a while.... I dare say I will re-activate after the next expansion just to see what all the fuss is about... but I usually do don't I?)

In the meantime I'm busy with a new business venture, and have been playing the FPS Modern Warfare 2 instead for my gaming fix.

You know, it's nice to play when you want, for as long as you want, and be able to stop any time you feel like it, and for that to not affect your enjoyment of the game or any body else's either.

So that, is that.

To all my blogging friends, thank you.

Thank you for all the laughs, the tips, the tricks, the stories and the little bits of yourselves that you share with the world.


PS: if you ever have an opportunity to visit Fraser Island, do it!

Sand, sun, beaches, fishing, rainforests, freshwater lakes, manta rays, dingos, sea turtles, stars, hammocks, friends, sunsets... a little bit of paradise in my book

PSS: Send me an email if you play MW2 and want to get in touch - I'll give you my steam name and we can pewpew


LarĂ­sa said...

Aww... not entirely unexpected tbh. Updates have been far from regular... Nevertheless - I want my mage blogging squad untouched! But putting it the way you do it sounds kind of mature, wise, insightful to do like you.

It hasn't dawned upon me yet, I'm still part of the madness. One day I may follow your example. Not quite yet though.

Cheers and have fun in rl!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that WoW fail to support Real Casual.
While you can do normal content, you can never do the hard modes.

I totally understand what it feels, and yes, I got the feeling of carrot around me all the time as well. Although we lean much from wow, it's hard to get away with grinding in Wow.
It takes so much time and burden with others to achieve what you want in Azeorth. That's why I didn't login Wow for a month now...

Good luck on you business venture... I am sure it takes up all the time slot you'll got for Wow and even more...

Nice to get to know you in the blogosphere :)

Anonymous said...

Naturally I discover a new blog on the very day that it shuts up shop.

Congratulations on your fishy, how did it taste?
Total agreement on Fraser Island... not every country is littered with natural World Heritage sites like Australia is.

Anonymous said...


Zupa chucking it in "a few months before" an expansion ... Never!

sure as hell looks like more fun than WoW fishing - I never raise a smile like that from sewer fish!

Enjoy & see you if you return or come to Melbourne said...

check it out a comment

swtorSPEC said...

I'm about to dive into the world of SWTOR. I hope it doesn't consume my life in the manner that WoW consumed most of my friends. We will see.

Tuna said...