Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get your Gank On.

Short post day today. Checked out new thingo called GankBang.com It is an armory comparitoraterer and nice for keeping up with the neighbours.

My first search - mages in my battlegroup with lots of spellhaste. Just out of interest, it seemed like a good idea.

I wasn't expecting to see 2 familiar names in the top three, but there they were. Both are deep frost, both are world famous mages in their own different ways.

Go look, do a search on gankbang.com and see how you measure up!

And of course if you are wondering which famous mages have a crazy amount of spell haste well... One is a prolific blogger and the other has starred in any number of videos over at warcraftmovies... and my battlegroup is bloodlust!


Mae said...

Gankbang is a great resource!! They seem to have changed it recently or cleared their database because they're only showing five mages on my realm for alliance and there are more than that just in my guild. I wasn't there, so I went ahead and added myself, I'm queue #1196 to be added. Also, I hope Blizz fixes the armory glitches soon, as a site that compiles from Armory is only as good as Armory itself. :)

Spicytuna said...

Awesome! We're in the same battlegroup. Maybe we shall meet on the battleground one day and melt faces together!

I didn't realize Faxmonkey was in the same battlegroup as me until you pointed this out (you were refering to him right?).

Zupa said...

We sure are! Maybe we will even meet in an arena, who knows.

Yes I meant faxmonkey, he was actually on my old server so I used to see him ALL the time before cross-realm battlegrounds.

(I used to be darkhorse on blackrock but server xferred to play with some friends who convinced me to reactivate)

Also in our battlegroup is Gnomeaggedon.

He's also on my hitlis.... errr my /wave to if I see them one day ijn a battleground list.