Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Warlocks getting blink?


WTH? Why not just give them polymorph and iceblock and be done with it?

reading this post seemed like just another recap of the various mage complaints which are ever so popular at the moment. It's all blah blah yadda yadda but the comments are slightly entertaining... you get people from all camps throwing in their 2 cents.

It wasn't until comment # 43 by namralaks2001 that I was actually surprised by anything. Warlocks getting blink in the expansion, and hunters getting invisibility.

Now I personally get tired of all the mage QQ but the general theme of the majority of complaints is along the lines of "there is nothing we can do that someone else can't do better, except for make water" This applies to PvP and PvE, AoE and Single target DPS, survivability, utility, crowd control and group support. As much as I hate to admit it, there is a point there.

Everybody wants to be wanted!

It's a large part of the game. Nobody wants to be the last person picked for the team, let alone skipped altogether. That generally doesn't happen as all classes have their special talents that they can do better than anyone else and are therefore highly sought after in group situations.

So, while I don't think it's a game-breaker, making two of our remaining unique abilities not unique anymore is bound to upset a bunch of mages, but to give someone else blink... thats the pits. Give them CC, give them AoE dps, give them decurse, give them AI, but give them blink? you bastards... and of all the classes to give a previously mage-only talent, warlocks? The one class that is most responsible for the marginalization of mages?

So, what remains to set mages apart from warlocks? We have.... mage table, ice block, umm.... mana shield? ice barrier if specced for it?

I'm sorry did I miss something? Are warlocks actually going to be able to do everything we can do short or conjure water?

Sure the green demon is at play here, but I ask you, what classes are jealous of mages and the cool stuff we can do that used to be theirs and theirs alone?

Once again sorry if im missing something but I don't see mages making other classes less useful, only the other way 'round.

Oh and one other thing. Blizzard are saying things like mages will have "jaw-dropping DPS" in WotLK. Tom Chilton or someone like that... but then follows that comment up with *cough cough* against AoE targets *cough cough*

Am I alone in saying that people who play mages don't give a shit about clearing trash anymore than anyone else, and being told we are to become the kings of killing lots of small insignificant mobs at the same time is sending the message that if you want what you say you want in all the mage QQ, what you need to do is roll a warlock.

Warlocks have what mages want.

Who wants what mages have?

edit: I forgot portals. My bad.


Kalgan (Tom chilton) posts on upcoming changes in November 06 and discusses how mages will play at level 70. Was he full of it then and is he now?

Wow insider post on WWI 08 Panel and questions asked. Doesn't really offer anything concrete at all.

Random MMO-Champion forum post about who will be the new DPS kings in WotLK. Lots of crap in here but a few links worth following...

Before I post this I just want to make one thing clear. I don't think mages are broken, but it annoys me that warlocks are going to get blink. Invis isn't important enough to care that they are giving it to another class... but blink!


Update #1

Demonic Circle: Summon (Rank 1)
15% of Base Mana
Duration 6 minutes
0.5 sec cast 30 sec cooldown
You summon a Demonic Circle at your feet.

Demonic Circle: Teleport (Rank 1)
100 Mana
Instant cast 30 sec cooldown
You teleport to your Demonic Circle.

Update #2

Quote: (from the forums)

I got my first forum ban ever for asking him how much money the players would have to raise to get him to quit Blizzard....

feelin that love Kalgan!

OMG thats classic

you mam are a saint :)
and yes how much would it cost...


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda with you on this one. Warlocks are getting blink... does that affect me directly? No, not really. I don't pvp on my Fire mage because if I wanted an excercise in frustration and futility I'd try to use the auction house in a horde-controlled city. At least that way I'd get to see a part of the world I've not seen before while getting my lungs ripped out through my nose.

But just because it doesn't affect me doesn't mean I'm not ticked off by it. I mean come on.... giving Blink to WARLOCKS of all classes. They're just doing it to get a rise out of us, it's the only sane explanation. :p

Anonymous said...

OK Blizzard...

Listen up... Personally I don't care... but don't screw with Zupa!

Currently the Battle of the Mages is a nice internal cross-spec battle... But let me just tell you... you don't want all 3 specs turning on you...

Unless of course you have 1 warlock to back you up...

Zupa said...

Check the updates ^^ the stuff I should have included to begin with.

Blink is still better at least.

LarĂ­sa said...

Let's put down our weapons in this Battle of ours and start fighting Blizzard together.

I'm not easily aggroed but this really makes me angry. Or rather sad.

We're reduced to be the humble servents that you put outside of the instance baking bread, giving out drinks and buffing. At the most you can let us come along with the trash mobs and then kick us out.

I'm annoyed. I really am.


krizzlybear said...

They take our blink? We take their demon.

Blizzard, make Water Elemental PERMANENT, and I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. like I say, personally I don't care if Warlocks get Blink.. just so long as they can never be Gnomes....

...Ohh.. what's that you say?... they can be Gnomes!

Dat's it, time to Nerf Locks... let them be Goblins... but NOT GNOMES!

Einz said...

It seems like everything I've been hearing about other classes has garnered the same reaction from me: "What about mages? What do mages get?"

What I've heard of their coming abilities and spells has been less than stellar while other classes are getting huge changes.

The only thing keeping me from going on a rampage is the hope that they're holding back some info for mages. Something like a manaburn that will convert your mana pool into damage.

Zupa said...

Imagine if they upped some of our co-efficients. I heard a whisper that was on the cards for WotLK.

It -might- just make mages awesome.

I heard another whisper that Blizz never meant warlocks to be so wtfpwnage in TBC and as such they are gonna get hit with the nerf bat harder than most.

Its all hearsay and chinese whispers at this stage, but let's cross our fingers that when Blizzard screws up mage talents, they accidentally make us better that warlocks in every way, as opposed to well... you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Hope this spell comes into existence.

Mae said...

You said it all when you said... "Say it isn't so!" You could not have mirrored my sentiments about this particular thing better. I certainly hope this is not going to go live... what're the chances?!

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