Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Would you like some cheese to go with your WHINE?

Why must mages complain so much?

Oh and it's patch day...

What's in it for me? Not much. My various armors can no longer be dispelled. Super.

Invisible players with Hunter’s Mark can see the hunter that put the mark on them. Awesome.

Actually that totally might even come up in a battleground one day. Maybe. I probably won't notice it though.

So - not much interesting going on for mages this patch. They are still the biggest bunch of crybabies on the forums and I really think that if more mages learnt to live with their quirks, rather than complaining about them, they would see that mages are powerful and fun to play in all contexts, and be happier people in general.

I won't promote QQ forum threads by linking them here, but anyone reading the mage forums would know what I mean. They are even complaining about stuff that isnt implemented yet, like frostfire bolt, which nobody really knows anything about.

The amount of time and effort that is spent bitching about things like blink not porting you the full distance if the terrain is uneven, and having a cry that iceblock is a way of CCing yourself. (Oh noes. buff iceblock pls. let me run and jump and sing and dance while encased in a solid block of inpregnable magical ice...)

As for blink... Perhaps mages cant teleport through anything except thin air? ie: not through trees, rocks, fences or hills. Since I started playing years ago blink has always been the same and I have always accepted it. One needs to have a clear uninterrupted line of sight to the spot where you are blinking to. I can live wtih that. I don't blink at times when it wont work, and so it doesn't bother me.

I have adapted, which is a much more fun and enjoyable option, than bitching and moaning and screaming to nerf warlocks. Try explaining that to a mage who is mid-cry about the mana cost of spellsteal, or some other rubbish... Actually don't - it's an excercise in frustration and a waste of your valuable time, but you know what I mean.

Ok, sorry guys. I got a little carried away there - lets look at patch notes.

No buffs for mages worth writing home about, so next on the list of relevant information is who got nerfed and will now be easier to kill?

Pugnacious Priest is happy bout the rogue nerf

Say what?

Let me re-read those patch notes ... if you havent already had a look-see yourself, prepare to be happy!

Cheat Death: This talent has been rebalanced significantly. Killing blows are no longer 100% absorbed. If the Rogue is below 10% health, the killing blow is still completely absorbed; if the Rogue is over 10% health, enough damage will be absorbed to reduce the Rogue’s health down to 10%. For the following 3 seconds, damage is not always reduced by 90%; it is now reduced by a maximum of 90%, depending on how much resilience the Rogue has. The damage reduction will be four times the damage reduction resilience causes against critical strikes.
Oh my. Oh dear. Unlucky!

Hate to be you guys! Cheat death is still awesome but it's totally not going to upset me as often as it used to! I hope not anyway. I have lost arena battles due to cheat death in the past and I have found this rather annoying.

So... Not much else, you can buy a 22 slot bag for 1200g from Haris Pilton... Personally I have a huge amount of things higher on my WTB list than more bag slots. I just abuse the mail system instead! I can also think of worse things than having mountains of cash when the expansion hits, so I'll be doing my dailies, wheeling and dealing on the AH, and saving my coppers.

I still don't even have an epic mount. Gems and enchants and such always seem more important, and Im far too busy with raiding and PvP to spend all my time farming.

Anyone know if / when they are going to reduce the cost of epic flying training? That would be nice =)

Ok I gotta go catch a plane now. Looking forward to getting home to my PC, my internet connection, and downloading this patch!


Anonymous said...

Agreed on QQ. Either wait for the facts, and complain rationally (preferably once off) about them, or learn to live with them.

Next mages will be QQing that we don't get to wear plate, and area ll squishy...

Larísa said...

Well spoken. I'm a rediculously happy mage myself...

With a reservation though - I guess I'll complain a bit if I one day will find myself in the situation that there isn't any spots available for mages in the raid - or maybe only one for the food - just because we don't do as much damage as some other classes and there are other ways than sheep to cc... It hasn't happened to me yet, but I guess I'd be pretty angry. Some of the QQ posts actually implies that in the raids in BT/SW there sometimes isn't place for more than 1 mage in the raid... Don't know if it's true but its sounds a bit saddening.

Zupa said...

Don't Panic!

I'm not worried about raid spots. Getting a spot in a progression raid is more about skill, teamwork and dedication than class or spec. There is no way my spot is going to a warlock just because hes a warlock and I'm a mage.

Vision normally raids BT and Hyjal with between 3 and 5 mages, depending on availability. As for sunwell... I've only been lucky enough to step inside and clear some trash, but having 4 mages along gave us 4 sheep in a single pull, and any other form of CC would have been inferior and likely caused a wipe.

So fear not! Mages are awesome, and will always be awesome!

Perhaps if you were a guild hopper, being a mage wouldn't be as helpful to your applications as being a warlock at this stage of the game.

I don't really care too much for people with no sense of loyalty to their team, so those guild-hopping, loot-chasing mages get no sympathy from me.

If, on the other hand, you have been a valuable member of your guild on the way to BT and SW raids, what raid leader is going to bump you for a the new warlock on the block, simply for more DPS?

Raiding is about teamwork, after all, not DPS.

Zupa said...

Oh and another thing.

This new patch gave mages an indirect DPS buff anyway in raids.

Warlocks can no longer use their shadow curse and not buff our fire and frost damage. Or curse of doom, or whatever else they do instead of curse of elements which gives our damage a boost.

That means any raid with at least one warlock (aka every single raid ever) we are looking at 10% more damage.

Thanks blizzard. Thats actually my favourite thing about this patch and I forgot to mention it in my post!

krizzlybear said...

holy crap am i a newbie to this world of mage blogging or what? stumbling onto larisa's blog first, and then seeing a bunch of everything! good post. i never really looked at curse of elements that way, but the dps boost sure sounds nice!

totally added to my blogroll btw.

Larísa said...

Grats Krizzlybear, you've just discovered the Secret Magica Circle!

It's a well kept secret from the rest of the Blogosphere (not many readers what I know of, at least not when it comes to my blog) - but that only adds a flavour of exclusivity, doesn't it?

Looking forward to read your blog as well.