Monday, July 7, 2008

Cheap Sheep

Oh. My. God.

Once in a while you learn something that you just can't believe you didn't already know. So much so that you are immediately suspicious as to the validity of said new fact.

This just happened to me. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed that I didn't already know this, or if I should go do some testing before I go shooting my mouth off. Naturally im going to blog first, test later, and post a follow-up if required.


OK. So maybe it's not such a big deal.

Cast time is the same and I save ooo... ummm like 90 mana... and I have almost 10k mana. Perhaps I cast polymorph 10 times in an arena.... at most, so I can see why I might not have known about this fun way to save 90 mana now and again.

Still. Now I know.

Jolly good, class dismissed.


Anonymous said...

lol lightning bolt descends from the heavens

Spicytuna said...

I also use Rank 1 Frost Nova. It is 130 Mana less per cast, snares just as long.

Cynra said...

Downranking is awesome when you want to use the effects of a spell but not the associated increase in time or damage. For example, it's common practice for Discipline priests to design builds with Holy Nova, but not use the full rank of Holy Nova in the Arena; the idea is that a rank 1 Holy Nova is a cheap, easily spammable way of doing AoE damage to interrupt bandaging or drinking, while breaking stealth.

I'll stow this tip away for the future; I've recently rolled yet another mage, but she's the first I've managed to level past 40. It's a good idea!

Aurdon said...

yeah i really haven't figured out the reason for additional ranks of poly. I can barely justify the reasons for nova ranks (yeah like we nova for damage right?)

when it comes down to it i think all cc should be a single spell and % based to be fair...which they may do at some point.

Anonymous said...

I think there is higher duration in Poly, the higher the level - but this is all moot in PvP with a 10 second cap.

I just realized of course, that i never sheep.. I always PIG.. therefore I am always Max rank... must add a sheep macro for BGs