Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WoW vs DotA

This article over at WoW Insider is the most exciting piece of possibly-not-news I've read lately, and discusses what could be a leaked map of the next WoW battleground, and how it might be inspired by DotA!

I only play a few computer games, and generally only one at a time. Let me give you an idea... starting with Quake 1 in 1996, when online gaming became a reality, (trent reznor did the soundtrack, being an avid NIN fan at the time, I downloaded the demo the day of release) through to today, I have only played; Quake, Unreal, Counterstrike, Counterstrike Source, WoW, DotA and battlefield 2142.

Thats it. That's only 7 games in like 12 years or something, and the top three by a huge margin are CSS, WoW and DotA.

So you can imagine what I think of making a WoW battleground out of the DotA map! For those of you who haven't played DotA before, it's kind of like WoW, but you go from level 1 to level 25 in about an hour, can choose from about 90 different characters each with 4 unique spells, you can farm and build all kinds of items and in the end, one team of 5 wins, and the other loses.

Yes thats right, you can WIN THE GAME. (unlike our never-ending favourite mmo)

So a WoW battleground based on Dota? I think it would be super awesome! Destroyable buildings would be cool and taking out your enemys base would be a fun objective, and would require a more cohesive team effort to succeed... but what I would -really- love to do would be zone into DotA on my mage. Real DotA.

I'm imagining the map with all its elements as it stands now, but being able to run around inside it instead of looking from the top down. Being able to fight the neutral mobs with AoE spells, and ninja behind enemy lines to take out unsuspecting heros. That would be something special!

So, when the wow grind is too much, fire up your warcraft III Frozen throne, hop over to, get the latest map and play from start to finish in an hour or less. Battle is intense, dying once or twice can cost you the game. Getting a kill is a much bigger thrill and staying alive is way more important that it could ever be in WoW. Oh, and dont expect to be getting kills in the double figures for a while after you start playing. That's right you can play for an hour and only get a handful of kills.

I have to say WoW rarely gets my pulse racing the way a down-to-the-wire life or death, win or lose DotA battle does.

Does anyone else play DotA on Tuesdays? or when there are no raids and you cant face more primal farming? What do you do during maintenance?

For me, it's usually DotA. Highly recommended.


Pike said...

*hums Basshunter's DotA song*

Zupa said...

lewl I had forgotten all about that!

"Vi sitter här I venten och spelar lite DOTA!"

What are we on about? have a listen to the dota song here

isheepthings said...

Yeah I'd say a DotA map would be awsome. I'd like to see it more or less like the chess event in Kara though. I kinda doubt it will really come to pass but we can dream can't we?

Oh and even though Bass Hunter's songs are catchy...he totally ripped off Daddy DJ. Not just sampled...but ripped off :)

Anonymous said...

Song's great :)

I personally didn't like DotA too much, but I did play other AoS type maps on WC3, like EotA (Eve of the Apocalypse) for example. Definitely worth looking at if you liked DotA.

Anonymous said...

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