Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blizzard's next MMO

I'm not even sure where I came across it, but word on the webz is Blizzard are working on a new MMO.

Currently they have in the works:

Starcraft 2
Diablo 3
Wrath of the Lich King
another mystery MMO!!!

This post over at shacknews led me to an interview with Rob Pardo from where he discusses what blizzard are up to these days.

The main things I got out of this interview is... not that much. All I know after watching it is that there is another development team working on another MMO, it shouldn't affect the work any of the other dev teams are doing on the other three soon to be released titles, oh and some of their developers left, that gets a mention also.

That's about it, but still it makes me wonder which way they will go. Will they remake wow but bigger and better? Will it be more AoC style without factions and pretty colors? Will it be a starcraft MMO or something completely new?

Whatever it is, they have god knows what kind of budget, and its pretty clear what they have to beat.

They have to beat AoC and Warhammer online... Do they have to beat WoW as well?

Should they just suck it up and start work on WoW 2?

Would a starcraft online game appeal to the same number of people in the same way that Warcraft does?

Does starcraft have the lore to support an MMO on the scale of WoW, or AoC or Warhammer for that matter?

Time will tell... Let me know if you find anything out there and link it up! Blizzards mystery MMO is surely going to be a hot topic from now until it eventually hits the shelves. which is no doubt still a long long way off.

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