Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your last five hours in WoW

Initially I came across this post from Larissa at the Pink Pigtail Inn as I meandered my way though some blogs... but it wasn't until reading about it again here at the hunter blog 35 Yards that I thought much about it.

"Let’s hypothetically assume Blizzard goes out of business and decides to shut down their servers and WoW for good. You have 5 hours before the server shutdown is permanent. What would you do in 5 hours?"

The original question was asked by Matticus in an interview with Phaelia early this year. There are some interesting comments on both entries, and like myself Gnomer over at Gnomeaggedon has decided it's a subject worth looking into. Jump here to his entry.

Personally I would like to visit Onyxia again in her cave, with the motley crew of misfits and wannabes from Blackrock that I first had the pleasure of taking her on with. None of us had ever so much as set foot in her cave before, let alone experienced the various phases of the fight, or the multitude of exciting and fun ways to wipe the entire raid.

We spent a good few weeks discovering these... It seemed like no matter how hard we tried, there was always -someone- who couldn't manage to stay out of her flame breath. Always -someone- not spreading out enough during the airborne phase. Someone standing on a crack in phase three. People aggroing the whelps as we enter the cave to take our initial positions, but perhaps the most common wipe of all was when Ony would casually swat a careless player with her tail, sending them tumbling into the whelp caves of death.

All this lead up is what made the kill so sweet in the end. We actually downsized to a 28man raid for "one last crack at it before bed" and somehow, we got her down. Only a handful of us were left standing after 10 minutes, the rest watching on the edge of their seats. Unbelievable tension. All quiet on vent except a few commands from the raid leader but by the end we were well into phase 3, everyone knew what to do and where to stand. It became a war of attrition, until at last after what seemed like an eternity on 1% Onyxia gave up the ghost, and victory was ours!

Vent errupted. Cheering, yelling, and even singing the like of which I've not seen since and doubt I will again. This was the defining moment for me in WoW. This was when I became a raider. The bar was raised, never to be lowered, and the depths of Molten Core beckoned.

Unfortunately that guild broke up a couple of weeks later. Perhaps the strain was too much for us, even though we were eventually successful. I regret that I'm no longer in contact with any of those players from Blackrock, however I'm sure not a single one of us will forget that moment, that sense of triumph, of teamwork, that taste of victory.

Of course.... 5 hours is a long time. Ony wouldn't keep me busy for that long, even if I was back in my level 60 blues with the original crew... So what else would I do?

Epic World PvP in Hillsbrad!

Anyone who was fortunate enough to experience this phenomena would have to agree that WoW has not been the same since. There was definitely something awe-inspiring about cresting that hill on some quest or other as a lowbie, and seeing hordes or horde to the north, and masses of allies to the south, with a 50 or 60 yard dead zone between the two armies.

And then a warrior charges, and then its on! I only wish I made it to level 60 before the advent of battlegrounds so I could have been more involved...

What about this one.... with 5 hours of game time left, what would you absolutely, positively, NOT do?
  • fishing?
  • PuG H MgT?
  • farm primals?
  • LBRS?
  • mediate guild dramas?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I envy the lot of you who were around for old world raids.

That Onyxia fight is kinda like seeing a resto shaman or prot pally solo Kael'thas in MgT from 15% down. Well, maybe it was more complicated than Mgt, but I can dream. :P

Anonymous said...

Do one of every BG.
Raid Every Single cross faction City and see how far I could get my body of one of my toon in each of the gates.
fly around to all areas of Outlands and stare and take screen shots of the sky ( they are sooo pretty.. )
gather with the guild and have dueling and dancing contents.
Get blind drunk at Goldshire and attempt an end of the world roleplay.

Larísa said...

Nice addition with the NOT-to-do list for the last five hours. I definitly wouldn't farm a single mote. Fishing? Well, probably not. But it can actually be quite nice from time to time, provided you find a really beutiful scenery to enjoy.
But I think I'd rather spend my last time in company than in the fishing solitude.

Anonymous said...

My 5 No Ways!
Fish - yeah no way
Farm primals - no way.. I think I hardly ever did that anyway... you can farm them off the AH eaiser.
Farm badges - why bother?
Spam trade channel with "Enchanter LFG, free with your mates, tips appreciated"
Try and learn how to kite or Frost AoE grind

Zupa said...

Ah you fire mages... Frost AoE and kiting isn't as hard as you think, and its really fun!

Instead of kill it before it gets to you, you slow it, blink, slow it, nova, run, slow, blink, etc etc until it dies... you can take out a level 72 elite melee mob no problems!

Sure it's a challenge, and it takes a while, there is zero room for error, but its totally can-do.

Unless you get an unlucky resist. Hate that!

Larísa said...

Changing from fire to arcane/frost I had the idea that maybe it would be possible for me to solo the trees in Skettis like frost mages do. But so far no luck. Maybe it's just that I suck. Maybe it's only frost mages who actually can solo elites that way.

(I know this is off topic, but it isn't often we discuss mage stuff so I couldn't resist it.)

Zupa said...

Why Zupa is a Frost mage.

Coming soon to a blog near you,

including - AoE, how to, and how not to.

kiting huge bastards for ages without dying, what works and what gets you killed.

links to video examples of frost-specific techniques....

other stuff I think of between now and then.

Cheers Larisa you have inspired yet another post for Automagica!

Anonymous said...
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