Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mage > Warlock?

In the hands of a skilled player, Nick over at Stayin' Frosty believes so.

I agree. Go read his post here

Unfortunately the vast majority of players are not what I would consider "skilled" and as such will have much more success playing a warlock. Unfortunate for them at least.

I just wish they would quit bitching about mages being broken and underpowered.... but that's ground I've already covered.

edit: So I just went to check out vontre's magegraph to test some things. I decided to click ALL the boxes. Warlock DPS with my gear is horrible.

What's all that about?


Eishen said...

Well, every1 can have his opinion, for me is so false crying about mage brokeness as go boasting about mage´s "uberness".

Locks are VERY superior in questing and farming (survivality , fears and a pet)
so they (in blizzard design it was so) should be a "support dps" in raids. The fact is that locks can make a very similar -if not superior- amount of damage than us in Raids.

I have played a mage from the expansion , I´m perhaps not the better PvE wow player in the world (PvP probably one of the worst...)but one of the things I like more of mages is the dificulties of mastering it... but telling that mages who not overpower locks are those who not play wll seem as a boast.... perhaps he has to roll a lock

Zupa said...

@ Eishen / Manuel

It's not that mages who do not overpower locks are unskilled or poor players. I would never claim such a thing.

The point is that a mage can overpower a warlock if played to it's full potential.

It just happens to be rather difficult at times.

As for locks being "VERY superior in questing and farming" because they have "survivability, fears and a pet" I disagree that these abilities makes them superior.

Easier to play perhaps, but I don't think that is the point. Most people agree that playing a mage is more difficult than playing a warlock, myself included.

Cynra said...

Performance of any class depends highly on the skill of the person behind the keyboard. While there are situations where one class will excel over the other, I thoroughly believe that it's the caliber of the player that makes the difference.