Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I only have time to draw your collective attention


Normal operational status of this blog will be returned shortly. In the meantime, would you join a guild full of bloggers' alts? Would you keep playing on that sever for more than the first week? Would you transfer a toon you prepared earlier?

I really am very attached to my mage and he gets 100% of my WoW playtime, unless you count bank alts, but thats not really playing the game, that's playing the AH mini-game, which is a different game entirely.

So not sure if I would, or if I could. I'd feel better about it if it were Horde and on a US server, but my money is on it being a EU Alliance side guild at this point !

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Sonny said...

I enjoy reading these mage blogs and am contemplating starting my own, but I couldn't fathom splitting play time across servers.