Friday, August 22, 2008

Will you re-roll in WotLK?

Wotlk. New talents. Omg. Etc.

There has been a lot of coverage of the mage changes in WotLK, and as exciting as they are, they are well documented and discussed elsewhere. I've done plenty of reading on the subject and I'm sure my audience has too.. haven't you!

Anyway last night I was discussing the expansion with some guildies as we were raiding BT, and I heard some interesting things from my warlock friends!

To a lock, they were all considering ditching their warlock in the expansion and instead playing their mage / hunter / healer / death knight.

I was a bit shocked, I have to say. People are talking about ditching their WARLOCK to play their MAGE.

Well wouldn't that be a nice change?

Are warlocks really getting nerfed that badly? I must admit I'm not nearly as up to date on warlock changes as I am on the mage ones, for obvious reasons...

On the other hand, plenty of mages out there are ready to shelve their mage semi-permanently until they are"fixed" at some later date. They hope.

I know a lot of us would keep playing our mages regardless of how badly they suffer at the hands of the nerf stick, simply because we love mages. Other altoholic types have a stable full of level capped toons and they are going to decide later which they will make their main.

Sometimes I envy them, mostly when im fighting druids in arena though. I would love a druid to pvp with, gather herbs and skin stuff.... Not so much that im willing to play one from level 1 - 80 though, that's for sure.

So is anyone else planning to ditch their main in favor of another class for WotLK?

Personally I expect to level my death knight for farming and crafting purposes only... Maybe!


Larísa said...

No way I'll ditch Larísa. But we've got a slightly unsound bound I guess. Sort of mixing up our personalities.

I may raise a DK and I'd really love to give my rogue a chance to bitch around a bit. But in the first race to 80 my mage is all there is to think about. And it doesn't matter what Blizzard does or doesn't in the end.

Once a mage at heart - always a mage at heart.

krizzlybear said...

I'm actually levelling up a hunter to become my farming alt. I'm going to try and level him as much as possible, but once Wrath hits, I'lll put the hunter on the shelf to level up my mage and death knight.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I came into this world a Mage and a Mage I'll stay. That doesn't mean I won't level my other 7 to 80 as well, but my Mage is who I'll be raiding with.

Mae said...

I think I would continue to play my mage no matter what they do to us. I've been playing her for 2.5 years and I don't think I could abandon her. I couldn't imagine any other class as my main, no matter how nerf'd we get. I'll just deal with it. I'd still, even after all the problems, rather be a mage than anything else!

Anonymous said...

I think if I was to reroll, it would be as a mage.. so why reroll?

I might roll a DK, but purely because I don't have time to level another character to 55, so why not get one that starts there. If other classes could start at 55, it might be a different story... but the reality is I am (time wise) a one-toon-man.

Enyx said...

I'll roll a Death Knight when the expansion comes out, but whether or not I'll stick to it.... *shrug*

I've been playing a priest I made last week, but I played my mage last night, and had so much fun two-, three-, and four-shotting things in Hellfire.

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