Friday, May 23, 2008

be imba!

Have you ever been a bit lost in WoW?

Not the type of lost where you have taken a wrong turn in Kara and suddenly you are surrounded by mobs, weird staircases, and have to ask someone to come back and get you.

No... Today I'm talking about the type of lost where you log in, and just don't know what to do. This tends to happen after you hit the level cap, exhaust the immediately available fun stuff, have either finished levelling or are sick of levelling tradeskills, or perhaps you are WELL AND TRULY FED UP with running normal MGT in the hope that the bloody [Gloves of Arcane Acuity] will finally drop and the bloody holy priest wont roll on them.

So inspiration you need? Guidance you seek? Trust me getting your Cenarion Expedition rep up to exalted can wait. It's not important. Clearly this game is all about gear and getting more of it, so why not have a tool that tells you what you need to upgrade, what you need to regem, and then suggests items you might like to upgrade to and where to find them.

enter be imba!

Well I can't show you an up to date output from this site as the armory is down right now, but suffice to say it tells me some stuff that I need to know. It also tells me some stuff which I suppose is correct but ... meh.

So lets have a look at what it has to say about good old Zupa of Frostmourne shall we? What have I done wrong?

First of all its telling me I have unenchanted items = 1. This is my legs. My legs aren't worth enchanting at this stage, so stuff that.

Then its telling me I have 2 misenchanted items. Misenchanted. How dare you etc. Lets have a quick look at what it's gripes are. Apparently +7 stam isnt good enough for my [Frozen Shadoweave Boots] Apparently I should have Fortitude, Boar's Speed, Vitality or a Magister's Armor Kit.

Well screw you buddy, I'm keeping my +7 stam for now. The rest sound either expensive a la boars speed or gay a la magister's armor kit. Hmmm maybe this isn't as imba as it wants me to think it is.

So next up it has a gripe with my cloak. It doesn't like spell penetration for an enchant, and to be fair its useless for PvE and that's exactly what ive been gearing my mage up for, so fair play. Subtlety instead it reckons. Fine fine. I'll get right onto that. Might wait for a better cloak first although this one doesn't suck.

... and so on and so fizzle. You can also look at your "low level items" and check the armory for upgrades. Which link to wowhead and allow you to get all the info you require to outfit your mage correctly. All in all its a nice little way to plan your next gear upgrade or enchant or gem or whatever, and it gives you nice breakdowns of you gems and your enchants and the bonuses they are giving you.

Now I could include a link to my be.imba page or a screen shot of it, but thats hardly as interesting as what it has to say about YOUR mage. So go on, plug yourself in, dont forget to tell it to get a fresh copy of your data from the armory, and see what YOU have done wrong. Who knows you might have put the wrong gem in your new helm. I almost did.

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