Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Blood Guard Zupa

... and so it begins again. It's just like old days. Getting by on absolute minimum sleep, spending half the day thinking about which instances to run and which gear to farm, reading forums, raiding, getting purples and wasting solid blocks of my precious life chasing a bigger carrot.

You know I kicked the habit a while ago. I was officially a burnt-out raider. They announced BC, all my epics were destined to become worthless, rading became pointless and my guildies at the time started talking about downsizing as there would be no more 40 mans.

I wasn't likely to make the A-Team in AlterElectus as they had a gaggle of geared mages already. The writing was on the wall, I hung up my Dragonrider Boots. Darkhorse the mage went on permanent smoko. Cya bitches, have fun wiping on new content without me, ill be out having a life, going to parties, picking up chicks, getting some sun. You know that stuff that normal people without epix addition do in their spare time.....

yeah sure.

So why would I start again? How stupid can I get?

Well like any reformed junkie I guess I was always going to have a weak spot, and while I managed to resist for months, colleagues at work convinced me to re-actiavte, transfer to Frostmourne, and join their guild. Level to 70 with us they said, we will make a good group... they said.

And so I took Blizzard up on their free BC trial, (and paid character transfer... ) and ten days later I was at lv 70, hiding behind a new name, and devouring the new outland instances like they were about to have their loot tables nerfed. I sharded epic after epic, cried when I equipped green items, laughed when the first frostbolt critted for 4k, and pondered how much things have changed, but how the people stay the same.

But what makes this game great is the people right?

more on them later...

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