Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who you calling Scub?

To anyone who doesn't or hasn't played wow you may not know that reaching the highest level in the game really means you have finally started. Akin to graduating from high school, hitting level 70 you are no longer bigger and tougher than almost everybody else.

Suddenly you are the scrub. You don't know shit. You don't got shit. You can't do shit. Shut up pls and watch your freaking aggro. Scrub.

Yes people called me a scrub. 75 days played and they call me scrub. Can't you see I'm a Blood Guard? Don't you know what that means?


apparently not.

As it turns out, just because someone has reached the lv 70 pinnacle of wowingness (for now at least), doesn't mean they know how to play. It does not prevent them from being a complete freaking moron.

This is an easy assumption for rookies to make. All those big bad lv 70s who are doing weird stuff we don't understand like badge farming and dailys... they know what's what.


Stupid people get to level 70 too. They they run around the virtual world hurting people with their stupidity. It's like an AOE dot of some kind and the only way to remove the debuff is to leave the group and hearth.

So I might have a section in the blog. Stupid shit that stupid people did at stupid times that made me laugh, or cry.

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