Monday, April 6, 2009

Here I go again!

No, it wasn't fake! Look here's PROOF I'm back!

I spent a couple of hours impatiently waiting for the entire 6.5Gb install to download on my freshly rebuilt windows 7 64bit box, and a large part of that was spent gazing at the progress bar, doing vague mental calculations about megabytes per second (which were thrown right out the window when my download speed suddenly dropped from 1.1Mb/s to 100K/s) and generally being impatient.

A little frustrating, but not nearly so bad as the patching process which followed the 6.5 Gig download! I really thought I was in the clear when that puppy hit 100%, but NO WOW FOR YOU until several rounds of (thankfully successful ) patches complete.

After almost 4 hours... I was finally logged into the game by about 8:30pm.

What a mess I found!

As it turns out I had logged out in Mount Hyjal, wearing my shadow resist set. (took a while to notice that) and of course my talents had been reset (also took me a while to notice something wasn't quite right there)

None of this stopped me from seeking out the closest mob and sending a fireball his way... only to discover I had no buffs, had lost my frost nova icon, had no keybinding for blink, and hardly any health or damage (but MASSIVE shadow resist... yay)

And -that- is how I very nearly got squished by the first random spider thing I came across!

Thankfully my fireblast was working just fine as was level 1 frostbolt so I managed to kite it around a bit and not die. Wouldn't THAT have been a triumphant return! Blood Guard Zupa, Hand of A'dal, Champion of the Naaru, dies at the claws of a level 69 bug-thing 2 minutes after logging in after 7 months long service leave!

I then spent the next hour or so playing with tool bars, trying to figure out what gear was what (damn I have a lot of options! I think I have at least one spare epic for each slot, plus the shadow resist gear...) and of course spending talent points.

I really didn't know what to do in the talent department, so I got my espionage on, looked up Gnomeaggedon's armory page and began to rip off his talent spec... Only to realise, a little too late, that he is 9 levels higher than me and so ripping off his spec may not be the brightest idea I've ever had...

In the end I cobbled something together with lots of fire talents and icey veins.

What a difference that all made! Having critical spells on my action bars (like o you know, conjure water, blink, frost nova, ice block etc... ) Actually having some talent points spent (I was running around on 0/0/0 for a while) and of course sorting out what gear to wear (back to 1100ish spell power now :) )

Take THAT spider-bug-thing! I even remembered that little old spell called Pyroblast, not to mention Combustion. Time for the you-almost-killed-me-last-time-you-bastid combo of death!

(which in actuality is a pyro, level 1 frostbolt (proccing a freeze thanks frostbite!) then a nice fireball + icelance shatter combo, all in all dropping in the order of 7 or 8K damage in a matter of seconds...)

... and THAT is what im talking ABOUT!

Zupa's back baby, yeah :)

2 comments: said...

Level 1 frostbolt... you mean it comes in other flavors?

Wait till you get frostfire bolt... almost, almost turned me to frost.

As for my spec... well yeah... PewPew set me up with a good spec for level 75... I was just too lazy to respec...

Now I am 80% of a level off 80... so I guess a respec will be coming anyway... if not then, with the 3.1 patch.

LarĂ­sa said...

Looking up Gnome's spec! Pffft!

But I'm glad you settled for the mage.