Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too much time?

I had an interesting conversation with my better half last night about the sheer amount of work people put into WoW. I don't mean the Blizz devs either, but the wider community. The bloggers, the guide writers, the theory crafters, the mod writers... The people who do it for love, not money.

I, of course, think all that stuff is wonderful and the game wouldn't be nearly so engaging without it, but her take on things was that all that effort could be put towards something more... useful. Perhaps, but that isn't going to happen unless the "something more useful" is at least as much fun, if not more.

I look forward to showing her this video soon, just to see what she thinks!

Big thanks to Blessing of Kings for digging this vid up, I found it on today's post "Ulduar"

PS: There is another version with subtitles that can be found here. Enjoy!


krizzlybear said...

I love this video.

Anonymous said...

totally unrelated... I just saw your twisted nether ad for the 1st time... bloody awesome!