Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Prodigal Mage

My posts are not planned.

An idea enters my head, I find a picture, and start typing.

Then I press the post button... and THEN I proof read and make edits. I know this isn't the greatest way to go about things but it's just how it happens....

Very occasionally, however, I start mentally constructing a post in advance, usually when I'm not near a computer, and that idea just has to simmer until such time as I am.

This post, is one of those. I thought of the title and the story as I was driving home from work yesterday. So imagine my surprise this morning when I found Pike's latest post entitled "The
Prodigal Son" posted on the very same day.

Slightly eerie, perhaps it was a sign I should be linking to her blog today, who knows.

Like Pike's story, about a returned friend who is playing again after a leave of absence, this is about returning to the game after being gone for 7 months... So enough with the background story... Get to the point you say?

Right right.

A gaming community is a dynamic affair. People come, people go. Timetables change, leadership changes, goals change etc. It is to be expected then, that upon my return to Frostmourne, things would be different. I didn't expect things to be -quite- so different, however!

To start with, the guild roster. I counted only about 10 or so familiar names, how times change!
A few other friends have switched guilds, but the bulk of the gamers I used to play with in TBC have vanished.

There are, however, two very important gamers who remain - the old raid leaders. These two guys really held the guild together and without their leadership, Vision of Frostmourne would not have achieved the success that it has, and I wouldn't have enjoyed raiding nearly as much in TBC.

It was not without some trepidation I sent that first tell to the big tauren hunter,

"Guess who?"

How would they react to my sudden reappearance? Would there be a spot in the guild for an old mage like me? Did I even want to be back in the guild? Was anybody sore over my relatively sudden disappearance? Would I be welcomed with open arms or scolded and sent away into the cold?

Thankfully, just like in the story of the Prodigal Son, I was welcomed back with open arms, and while there may not have been a celebratory feast, my sins were definitely forgiven.

... and so begins my third adventure into the World of Warcraft! Securely Guilded, clothed in epics and only slightly overwhelmed by it all.

PS: Thanks Pike for being awesome and also for the picture above. It is an original work by Pike, please don't reproduce it without her express permission.

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