Friday, May 22, 2009

Who you gonna call?

I <3 Machinima.

The good ones that is, some I find plain boring and dumb, but the good ones bring much joy to my heart, cold and rotten though it may be.

The first one I ever saw i think was Red vs Blue. This made me laugh my ass off an is most probably the most successful machinima ever, with innumerable episodes, all of them hilarious.

Sometimes I find a machinima that makes me go PHWOAAAR how they do that ay? An example of this one can be found here at WoWFailBlog. It's not funny, it's just awesome. I would like to know how this was done.

edit: the original has been taken down but it can be found here on youtube.

The one I discovered most recently is totally funny. At least totally funny if you are old enough to remember watching ghostbusters as a kid. Check out this post at Hardcore Casual for my newest, favouritest machinima!


Anonymous said...


I wish I could watch vids at work... but then it would become blatantly obvious what I spend 60% of my work day doing...

Must make that priority No1 for tonight.

Ithiel - breaker of things said...

.. oh, news to me. lol.

You mean I broke the post somehow or that darn vid is gone of whatever 3rd rate network I linked it from?

I will investigate and fix whatever brokded. >.<

Srsly, people gotta tell me when this kinda stuff goes arse up - I make too many posts to keep track of. lol.


Ithiel - fixer of things said...

Update: stupid vimeo... Updated the post to have the youtube video instead. Thanks for finding that ^.^